Saturday, May 3, 2008

Drum roll please....

I wrote all your names on a piece of paper

(there were 25 tote bags knit!!!! How cool is that?!)

put them in a basket

and had my kids draw 3 winners!

Congratulations, Studio D you won the yarn

Congratulations Yvonne you won the flicker(an upgrade or moo cards) prize!!!

Congratulations Paula you won the blog re-design!!!

*the winners will be contacted with information about collecting their prize!

Thank you all for joining this KAL, it was so much fun to knit with you and see every ones progress! Feel free to keep posting your tote bags here, I plan on making a few more myself and love seeing all the different styles!


DawnK said...

Congratulations to all the winners!

Heather said...

my congrats to the winners also! Thanks Jessica for a great kal, I think we've all enjoyed it plus the final outcome. I think many of us will be making more!! :)

Diane said...

It was a total success in my book!! I would never have done so many without this month long project, and now I can actually do a whole shopping trip. I love it. Thanks so very very much!!!!

Paula said...

That was quite a surprise! Thanks for a fun KAL and the blog redesign.

WEWOWEWO said...

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Helena said...

Ah Chalky, nipped by to see ifyou're ok. Bob T Bear says hi!
Hope you're all right :)