Saturday, April 26, 2008

Falling Leaves Nest Tote

Bag is complete. Yarn, Reynolds Saucy, called for size 7 needles. I experimented and decided on using 10’s.

I used circular size 9 to make the bottom, I altered the pattern a bit by putting a circular bottom using the K2Tog, next row K1, alternating until I only had approx. 20 stitches on needles. By doing this, I am hoping it will make a stronger bottom. This was the first bag I made and got frustrated with the I-Cord so I made a separate I-Cord, wove it through the holes made by the pattern, and POOF!

This bag is filled with 3 queen size sheets and there is still room for more! And as always, I added some "jewelry" to the bag. I had made some felted leaves for my felt stash and this bag just called for them.

This certainly was a lot of fun and have plans to make several others.

I really enjoyed this was my first but will not be my last.

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Chalkhills Collective said...

I love the leaves, nice touch!