Saturday, April 12, 2008

Its done, but

I started another one... I just had to buy some pink mercerized cotton to make myself a bag to use as a purse this summer.... I just had to!

So here is the one I finished. I did the flat bottomed version, giving myself 20 extra sts. I also didn't make the handles touch each other. It opens up quite big. I've also learned (through knitting a few of these) that if you use larger needles when making the handles it isn't such a small opening.

I easily fit these boxes of cereal inside, why are they all Quaker?! I don't know that's just what came out of the cupboard with me. Strange though, they all are, and they all have that silly guy staring at me. I didn't notice it until I uploaded the pictures onto my computer.

Anyways, the boxes fit in nicely, and I probably could have fit one or two more in it too... Its a really big bag!

The only issue I have with it is that Its two different colors, and the blue on the bottom really doesn't even match the multi colored one. But I got over that pretty quick.

Also I ended up using almost 3 whole balls of Peaches & Creme, one of the solid and two of the multi colored. I knit it on US#9 and used US#5 for the handles. Oh and I really liked knitting it in the round because I didn't have to seam up the sides!

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Diane said...

OK, we must have some ESP going on. The one I'm working a handle on right now is also a flat bottom, and I decided I needed bigger also. Mine is 61 across, exactly the extra 20 you used. How did we pull that off? I was hoping for something a little more grocery store friendly too. I love how yours turned out!